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intransitive verb

  1. To be thrown off balance or fall back.

  2. To stagger, lurch, or sway, as from drunkenness.

  3. To go round and round in a whirling motion.

Reel Improv

Private Coaching

There's no doubt life will send you reeling. Improv is an opportunity to practice invaluable skills for career, love and life. This is a one on one session, in person or online, for professional actors and creators. 

Reel Films

Scenes for our acting reel.

Now for the double entendre! Reel Films is quality scene footage, scripted or improvised, specifically for  your acting reel. Get the shots you need for your brand, your career, your legacy. 

The Intuitive Team

Team work makes the dream work. Unleash your teams potential with this transformative workshop tailored for businesses and organizations.

Couple Holding Hands


Intuitive Couple

A romantic weekend for two married to a transformative workshop. This immersive 2 day retreat will enhance the communication for the most important team in your life.

Who knows, you might even get lucky! 

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