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My Journey

My Name is Steve Dukes. I am a writer, a professional actor, a film maker and an entrepreneur. I'm a college drop out who's worked on commercials, web series, Netflix and Hulu. My partner Sonya and I have two beautiful children. I teach improv to actors, couples, professional teams and professional creatives. I love stories. Specifically, I love the characters that make up those stories. We all live our lives via stories. Good improv is all about the character and all about the story.

Once upon a time I was a new actor ambitious and green. I started doing improv as a way to expand my skill set. What I found after learning improv is that all of my relationships in life where significantly better. Improv had improved my communication. I was learning how to write my own story in each and every interaction on stage and that practice bled into my life off stage. The change was so drastic that I became an improv teacher and a coach.

What started as a few classes to help me become a better performer resulted in profound changes to the way I look at all my relationships. Improv not only improved my career it improved my quality of life. You can learn more about me and the fantastic art of improvisation by taking one of my classes at the actors' virtual studio Presence Academy.

Follow the link below. 

Thank you for the read.


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