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The top three problems that couples in long-term relationships commonly face are:

Communication Issues:

Effective communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Couples may struggle to express their feelings, needs, and concerns openly and honestly, leading to misunderstandings, resentment, and emotional distance.

Intimacy and Emotional Connection:

Over time, couples may experience a decrease in physical intimacy and emotional connection. The initial excitement and passion of a new relationship can fade, and maintaining a deep emotional bond requires effort and understanding from both partners.

Conflict Resolution:

All couples experience conflicts and disagreements, but the ability to resolve these issues in a constructive manner is crucial for relationship success. Couples who struggle with conflict resolution may find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns of arguments and unresolved issues.


The Intuitive Couple

An improv workshop to improve your relationship.


"Yes, and..."

Learn the ultimate positive communication tool. Become excited about communicating with one another. There's a reason the universe brought you together!

Couple on Jetski_edited.jpg

"I got your back!"

Learn how to support each other and collaborate effortlessly while working together toward a shared goal. Team work makes the dream work.

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Active Listening

Learn to listen objectively and empathically and to communicate your feelings quickly and authentically. Be the charming conversationalist you know you are. 

What it is:

A weekend adventure mixed with a transformative seminar. The Intuitive Couple is a immersive, 2 day interactive retreat for couples. This prestigious event is hosted by professional actors and includes a romantic, bonding adventure. Through a dynamic blend of improv techniques and creative exercises, discover how to enhance and strengthen your relationship by tapping into intuition and fostering genuine, playful connections.

Intuitive Couple

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Meet Your Coaches

Steve Dukes & Sonya Davis 

With a rich background as both accomplished actors and skilled improvisors, they've discovered a unique synergy between their professional careers and their personal relationship. Drawing from their extensive experiences, Sonya and Steve have harnessed the power of the two distinct arts of both acting and improvisation to create an effective relationship workshop. As real-life partners raising two young children, they bring an authentic touch to their teachings, offering couples a distinctive opportunity to weave the magic of theater into the fabric of their own relationships.

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