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The Chair

I keep forgetting to make jokes. I‘ve been feeling extremely unfunny and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Assuredly there are always things to be concerned about. However, I’ve always felt that a serious situation is as good of a reason as any to keep a humorous perspective. I can’t take life too serious otherwise I won’t make it out alive; as the saying goes.

Overall I think I may be forgetting to make fun of myself. Today I'm going to try to remedy that. This blog for example. It seems I still haven’t quite figured out what goes here. What is the actual topic. My Life Improvised could mean anything. I don’t want it to become like that chair Sonya brought with her when we moved in together. It just sits by the door as a catch all, no one ever really using it for what it’s intended to be, a chair. I can’t help but throw stuff in it myself. The last time my phone went missing, I searched for it for hours, and do you know where it was hiding? Yup, you guessed it,“The Chair.“

I don't want this blog to be like that chair, or do I?

Will you, the reader, be happy with a chair ?

Will you sit on my blog?

I have been known to refer to my more profound articulations as: a combination of words falling out of my face in a sequence that can be rationalized.

Because sometimes the sentences I manage to string together make it seem like I’m possessed with the soul of a great philosopher and other times it’s absolute dribble falling out of my mouth. Honestly, I don't even notice which is which. Whatever I'm saying, it always seems to me like general observations boiled down to simplicity that may or may not be helpful. I recycle a lot too. If there is a famous person who said it best, I'll just go with that. Finally a blog that says all the things that are being said already. If this blog was a conversation you can expect it to just repeat the last three words you just said so that it seems like it's listening to you.

"Where can one find these helpful phrases that you already know?", you ask.

On my blog, the catch all chair sitting by the door.

Sonya has recommended I make book of Dad phrases. Maybe I’ll give that a try. Starting.........Now!

Here is one I just keep coming back too:

”When we don’t get what we want, we always seem to get something better.”

I figured that out in my late twenties. This has been my experience with life thus far. It’s hard to believe but it still holds true even for me today. Don’t worry if you haven't experienced this for yourself yet. Anyways, if you don’t believe it, it won‘t work for you. Much like anything else that takes faith to work, this one has taken a big helping of faith for me to personally actualize.

For example- I wanted to follow a strict format for blogging that was consistent for the reader yet tedious for me. Unfortunately for me my art suffers the moment it gets tedious. Tedious work never gets done in my house. I have to make everything fun. If I didn't make doing taxes into a game I would go to jail, for sure. Now you can see how improv has significantly changed my life. School age Stephen was always in trouble because he had too much fun.

So the tedious blog lost and the Chair blog prevails and what you end up with today is a metaphor about that chair in your living-room that you didn't know you needed until now. The chair that keeps all those affirmations that your dad forgot to tell you.

I wanted tedious consistency, I got a chair. Metaphorically or not a chair is still better than tedious consistency. Also, I'll just let you know via newsletter when the next blog has fallen out of my brain. So please make sure subscribe to the news letter or just send me a friendly hello and I'll add you to my contacts.

Until then I would like to leave you with a good supply of easy listening for the those times you really would like to digest dribble from the brain of an improviser who won't stay on topic even if you pay him too. Season 2 of Swirled: A Podcast is available for your listening pleasure. It's actually been out for a while I just like announcing things months later because the internet doesn't care when I do it.

To get you even more excited here are Five Things I like about Swirled: A Podcast Season 2 so far.

  1. We have an intro!

  2. We have original music from Clazzmates (my cousin's band)

  3. We discuss three topics that I love week after week. Health & Wellness, Creativity, Relationships.

  4. We do our own advertisements.

  5. We have a baby.

Number 5 goes on all the "things I love about.." lists. Although baby does appear on an episode or two she really doesn't make for the best guest so please enjoy her voice when she is on there; otherwise you may just have to wait until she is able to wax philosophically like her dad. That's gonna be a good day.


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